Welcome to Chunlea’s homepage, who will graduate from Linyi University with BCompSc in 2015. I am a really big fan of Open Source, and OS X. I am good at web development in Rails and some basic of design. But I am still a newbie in computer science. I didn’t have any particular research area at the present time, but I am really interested in Operating systems and Programming Languages. I am learning about Functional Programming in a really hard way. Now I am working on oDesk as a freelancer, who can work for both Rails and RubyMotion. I have three years experience in Rails and more than one year in RubyMotion iOS development. If you have any project about Web or Mobile app, hire me today. :-)

这里是鞠春利的个人主页,我将于2015年从临沂大学信息学院毕业。我是一个伪果粉,开源软件的簇拥,熟悉Web编程,知晓基本设计,精通多种软件基本操作的新人。个人研究方向暂时未定,感兴趣的领域是操作系统,编程语言,仍在艰难学习函数式编程中。目前我以Freelancer的身份,在oDesk兼职做Rails和RubyMotion的开发,具有三年Rails开发经验和一年以上的RubyMotion iOS开发经验,如果你有涉及Web和移动端的项目需要完成,联系我吧。